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other_cullens's Journal

The Other Cullens
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Dedicated to the other members in the Cullen family.

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Welcome to The Other Cullens! This groups is for the rest of the Cullen family, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie. Also for the actors who plays them. Feel free to join the community and get involved with what is going on.

Your Mods
If you have any question please contact one of us.
lime_green_luv, hale_yes, beautifulxmoon

Newbie Form
You can find the form here.

01. No bashing on anything related to this group. If anything to that content is post it will be deleted, because this group is in support
of the books, characters, actors, movie, ect.
02. Respect other members. PLEASE respect members and their opinions, because this is a groups open to anyone who would like to
join. If anything is thought to be inappropriate please bring it to the attention of a mod and they will take care of it.
03. Please keep post related to what is stated under the The Other Cullens heading. If anything off topic it will be deleted. The only
exception to this rule is something major dealing with movie themselves or Stephenie Meyer.
04. Large posts like images, icons and other graphics, text and anything else that might be to big should be placed under a lj cut.
05. Before posting something other then graphics, fanfiction, fanart, etc, please make sure it has not already been posted.
06. When posting graphics post make sure they have previews and that the previews relate to Twilight.
07. All icons post must have at least 10 icons related to the Cullen (but not Edward). Other graphics post must at least have 2.
08. If you want to post a fanfiction please use the form found here.
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If you would like to be affiliates with The Other Cullens please go here.
These following sites/people make The Other Cullens possible and we would like to thank them! :]

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